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With 210 plots, Tenantry Down is one of the largest allotment sites in Brighton & Hove. It is situated on Race Hill on the eastern edge of Brighton. The Allotment Association runs events throughout the year including a barbecue and a visit to the RHS gardens at Wisley, as well as monthly meetings at a venue in Hanover (ok, the pub), where allotment holders and visitors are all welcome. The Association also represents its plot holders' interests at the council.

Current committee.


Join the Association

Tenantry Down plot holders can join the Association by emailing us or coming to a pub meeting on the first Monday of every month (next meeting is here). The current rate is £3 a year, for which you get a branded email address (name@tenantrydown.org.uk), invitation to the BBQ and Wisley, and our gratitude.


Write for the site!

We have a wiki, a forum and a blog. These are open to anyone to contribute (not just members). The wiki is intended to be a complete repository of all matters horticultural and allotmentological, with special interest in conditions at Tenantry Down - it's got a bit to go, and so please contribute. The forum is for day-to-day discussion and seed swapping and tips and all, and anyone can join in. The blog is more personal, but again is open to all. You can post to the forum anonymously, but because of cyber-vandals you have to register for the Wiki and the Blog. You still don't need to be an association member (even though it's only £2), or even a plot holder.



The website's accessibility report (a list of problems that might make it hard to use for some people) is down to only about a dozen items. That's a lot, but much less than it has been. There's always going to be a few - as the site changes, ALT tags get missed or become out of date, colours are no longer in contrast, links get broken or become confusing to screen readers. I will continue to keep such items as low as can, but they're easy to miss, especially as IE and Safari/ Firefox render these things so differently (as usual, sigh).

This site does not use access hotkeys. The government recommends these, but they are often incompatible with the disabled user's specialist equipment or even with IE itself. Accessibility experts are about 50/50 on the matter; but it seems to me that since having them can, at worst, make the site unusable, whereas not having them will, at worst, only make the site difficult to use, it's better not to have them. I'd welcome feedback on the matter - I'm open to being persuaded.

A couple of articles on the pros and cons of access keys: one and two.


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The website of the Tenantry Downs Allotment Association. Chair: Vacant; Secretary: Vacant; Treasurer: Paul Reading; Non-executive committee members: Rob Froud, Ady Symon, Karen Miller, Elaine Langstaff, Paul Morris, Jenny Engledow, Robert Loughrey, Harry Mullen & Martyn Stevens; Web editors: Robert Loughrey & Ady Symon; Honorary President: Elizabeth Kemp.

Illustration: "The sweetcorn thief", by Toriyama Sekien (1776).

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