Tenantry Down 19 April 2019

The weather has changed from sunny and cold to sunny and warm and the wind has dropped. Yesterday I saw the first fully open Hawthorn flower so we can all cast our clouts. I spend a morning trying to control the Ivy-Leaved Speedwell (Veronica hederacea) on the allotment. This very insignificant little annual flower is easy to overlook. It flowers early in the year and is now seeding. The seeds will survive in the compost heap, and will be effectively distributed all over the plot when the compost is put on the beds. So instead of digging them in I remove each one carefully and will later drown them in a barrel of water for a year, adding the resulting stinky mush to the compost heap later.

The beetroot and salad leaves have germinated well, but the parsnips are patchy for the second year running. The asparagus is coming up, though, and looks wonderful.

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Picture: Ivy-leaved speedwell