Spring is sprouting

It’s April and there are seedlings everywhere: courgettes and Crystal Lemon cucumbers in the bedroom, winter squash in the spare room, bedding plants and runner beans in the living room, because it still seems too cold to have runner beans outside. There’s stuff in the kitchen as well, but I can no longer remember what it is. I hope the weather improves before they all get lanky and too big for their pots. On the garden table there are kale, purple sprouting, celeriac, lettuce and leeks.

I have been very disappointed with the selection of winter squash available locally. It seems that we are only allowed to have things for children to carve at Halloween, or butternuts, which I have never been able to grow very successfully.  I looked in all the local garden centres and shops but no joy. Eventually I found something called Blue Ballet from Tamar organics so that’s what it is going to be this year.

There is a very interesting selection of beans on this website https://www.beansandherbs.co.uk/. There’s still time to plant so I will certainly be trying some of them.

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