Voluntary extra fees and an irrelevant picture

Mark Carroll at BHAF writes in the latest newsletter:

In the last newsletter I talked about our idea to produce a mechanism by which plot holders who have more disposable income could voluntarily pay more in order to keep rental prices as low as possible for tenants who might struggle with a rent rise. We are still in talks with the Council, however the plan the Council suggested was, as far as the committee are concerned, too complicated a procedure for it to be successful.

We would like to see a very simple system, hopefully as simple as a check box on your bill and a space to enter in your voluntary payment. The Councils initial suggestion was a system by which people wishing to make a voluntary donation to the service have to phone the Council to make the payment. For smaller donations they suggested ‘cash donation boxes’ at sites. We feel that a voluntary payment system could work well if it was a seamless process in tandem with paying your regular bill.

We are worried that if it is introduced in a way that is not extremely simple that it would not work very well. We feel it would be best not to try it at all if it isn’t done simply, as this would give the impression, perhaps to other Councils that voluntary payments are not a viable way to increase funding. We have more talks planned and we will keep you informed.

Also in that newsletter in an invitation to the September forum if you have anything to say or you want to find out more about this or anything else.

You are invited to the September Allotment Forum Meeting. This meeting is open to all plot holders, site reps and co workers. It is a useful forum to chat about all allotment issues and also to strengthen the allotment community across the city.

Let us know if you have anything you would like discussed or included on the agenda. Please email us at

The Forum Meeting will be on

Wednesday 19th September 2018

at Patcham Community Centre

From 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Here’s a picture that has nothing to do with the subject but shows how cool the Romans were.

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